Thursday, 27 February 2014

Little Bell and the Moon

my youngest, Sonny spotted a bright star in the sky recently and said "Daddy, when you see a star it will light up your heart"

I decided to write a little poem inspired by what he said and here it is.

Little Bell and the moon
Little Bell loved the moon
And the moon loved her as well
And every night when sunlight fell
The moon came up and shone on Bell
And Bell felt all was well.
Each night the moon told bedtime tales
Of things it saw on moonlight trails
Of treasure hunts and killer whales,
And little boats with giant sails.
Then one night Bell said “let us go,
I want to see the world you know
I want to see the stars that glow
Across the seas that lies below.
Then the moon held out its hand
And flew Bell high above the land
They zoomed past bays with dusty sand
And mountains standing bold and grand
Against the snowflake covered land.
They travelled far across the seas
To places so cold that things freeze
And forests where huge cedar trees
Like to waltz the passing breeze.
And every night before the dawn
When little Bell gave out a yawn
The moon would swoop to her front lawn
Where all the dew and bugs had drawn.
And the moon let go of Little Bell
And Bell felt all was well.
From then on, every full moon night
When the moon was shining bright
It held to Bell’s hand really tight,
The two of them then took to flight.
Some sixty years, or maybe more,
The moon took Bell off to explore,
To find another distant shore
(Sometimes two or three or four).
But they knew their journeys couldn’t last
Bell’s time was fading really fast
No longer could they keep the past,
Of wondrous lands so pure and vast.
And Bell grew weak and Bell grew frail
Her body then turned cold and pale.
The moon itself began to wail
As it told Bell one last tale
Of late nights on a moonlight trail.
And as the moon shone down on Bell
Into a sleep she fell.
A darkness came across the moon
As Bell’s soul drifted from her room
It drifted up into the sky
It drifted very, very high
It drifted into outer space
Where it found a special place,
Then burst into a sight so bright
A fiery ball of burning light
The darkness soon began to clear,
Then the moon did re-appear.
Upon the light its eyes did dwell,

Within it, it saw Little Bell.
And as the moon shone back at Bell
And they both felt all was well.

illustration by Craig Cameron

Monday, 24 February 2014

Interested in School Author Visits?

It's nearly World Book Day 2014 and lots of schools around the country will be holding their very own 'Book Week' to celebrate.

This is a very busy time for many authors and illustrators who visits schools to talk about their books and hopefully inspire some children along the way.

I really enjoy this aspect of being an author, being able to talk to young readers and encourage them to enjoy books and reading is extremely rewarding.

I do sessions with Reception, KS1 and KS2 which include readings, Q&A sessions, character designing and story planning workshops.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fantastic Free Video Storytelling App Available Today Featuring The Fearsome Beastie!

Fantastic Free app available today called 'Caribu' it's a video storytelling app, which is great if you are away from home but still want to read a bed time story to your children, it's available here:

Two of my books are available on it, including 'Princess Stay Awake' which isn't out in paperback till next week!!

There is also a great video about the app here:

Monday, 20 January 2014