Thursday, 23 October 2014

First three pages of something new

I'm tentatively starting to write again, and this is the first three pages of an as yet untitled novel I'm attempting, written in verse.

I'm a bit anxious about this project, I don't know how long it will take, but I think it's something I feel compelled to try.

Thanks as always for your thoughts.


The clapping under my arms,
my back,
my chest,
is relentless.
“The infection was really severe” she says
The clapping is percussive, and I close my eyes
The rhythm is somehow soothing, then I ready myself
my position is crucial to make the procedure effective,
to loosen the secretions caused by the infection.
“That's it” she says
“You're doing a good job”
Clap... Cough...
and the cup below becomes stained with Green spit
Each cough removes just a little bit more.
It's been weeks since I started,
I hope it's nearly all gone.


Dad is in the waiting room.
He sits very still, staring at the space
between himself and the door.

I tried to bring him round.
“How's Mum” I ask,
“The Same” he says
it was a silly question really

“I wish I could see her” I say
“You will soon” He says
“As soon as you are better
as soon as your chest has cleared.

Soon... I promise.”

Every morning is the same...

Every morning is the same,
I get up and come out of my bedroom to be embraced by silence,
before I hear
Get ready for school” shouted from the kitchen,
as the sound of a plate
smashing on the floor
fills the air.
It's hard for my dad,
he's not used to being a parent.
Always home late.
Always away...